Saturday, January 31, 2009


Chris and 'Phia spend a lot of quality time on the couch together.

It started out innocently enough....Lalalala bonding on the couch.

Then reading the paper. Still not bad.

Now the remote enters, stage left.

Daddy, why aren't you looking at me anymore?

I guess I'll just nap til he's done watching TV.....

Oh, not done yet? Ok, I'll tuck in for another snooze.

Um, startin' to make Sleeping Beauty look like and insomniac here. Any end in sight dad?

Throwing us off by switching sides, clever.

What's that dad? Gonna just check the scores? Oh...well, ok. I'll just grab a quick 40 winks.

Or 400....

Or 4000.....

You need to check ALL the sports channels for ALL the scores..Oh, well, I'll just rest my head on your shoulder til your done.

Aw, forget it....I'll just watch with you.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Family Farm Weekend

We are spending the weekend at the family farm in Crockett. Sophia is getting lots of love from Grammy, PeePaw, Grandaddy and the Quarterman's. She also chose this weekend to master the art of rolling over!

I like to wear, er, eat sweet potatoes.

Hanging out with PeePaw

Nappin with Mr Ferret

Getting a bath

I'm a little excited after I rolled over

Hanging out with Granaddy

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A young Dr Who fan

'Phia and her dad watching the first Rose episode. (mom was in the kitchen crying quietly, knowing what season 2 holds)

Super Daddies!

Chris & Chris take care of the kids.

Sophia and her dog 'Doori

'Doori loves 'Phia so much that she wants to eat her. I think the feeling is mutual. 'Phia loves to touch 'Doori's fur. And they both love nappin' together. 'Doori's a good big sis.

Wonder Twins

Daddy's got a new baby to play with.

Sophia and her best bud Gracela hung out before Christmas. They even didn't fuss when we dressed them up for pictures.

Friday, January 2, 2009

I'm eatin' Ma!

Sophia has had her first taste of 'solid' food. And she's all about it! She even grabbed for the spoon.

The family that watches TV together, stays together....on the couch...for long periods of time...

Shadow the first born

Shadow, our oldest 'child', likes to remind the girls of his status by sleeping on everything. Including Sophia's travel crib and bouncy seat. Hey, what can I say? Being first born comes with privileges.

New Year's Eve aka 'A Night without a Baby'

The Crafts had their annual NYE party and we partook...oh yes, we partook. 'Phia stayed the night at Gamma's house.

Houston Visit

On the day after Christmas we went to Houston to visit Grandpa, Honie, Uncle Scott, Aunt Brooke and the cousins.