Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No More Dublin Dr.Pepper @ Jason's Deli

Went to Jason's Deli last night for dinner and was disappointed to see a sign by the register stating that they no longer carried Dublin Dr.Pepper as a fountain drink. There were not any details on the sign - just that there was a "contractual" problem. Maybe it has something to do with them getting their fountain drinks from Coca Cola?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Asia - Dallas - House Of Blues - 27 April 2008

Asia played a couple of songs off their new album, "phoenix" as well as several off their first 2 albums. Also played were 1 song from each members' former bands - Yes, ELP, King Crimson & the Buggles. I did not get many photos since they decided an hour into the show to not allow cameras - strange. Got a program ($20) but decided against an .mp3 of the show (delived via a USB wristband and costing $30) - too expensive for an .mp3.
Set 1:
01 Daylight
02 Only Time Will Tell
03 Wildest Dreams
04 Never Again
05 Roundabout
06 Time Again
07 Cutting It Fine (bolero section)
08 Georgie's Theme > The Clap
09 Voice of America
10 The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
11 Ride Easy
12 Open Your Eyes
Set 2:
13 Fanfare for the Common Man
14 Without You
15 An Extraordinary Life
16 The Court of the Crimson King
17 Video Killed the Radio Star
18 The Heat Goes On (w/C. Palmer solo)
19 Heat of the Moment
20 Don't Cry
21 Sole Survivor

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sonogram #3

Well, we had our third sonogram this past Thursday (24th) - it's a girl! We thought it was a boy this whole time so we haven't thought up any girl names. Guess we ought to start. Looks like we are still 24 weeks along (the midwife said Kelly was measuring at 27 weeks, which is why we had the sonogram to begin with.) Due date is still August 11th - for now.