Monday, August 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home

After 8 days at Baylor NICU Sophia finally came home! All the nurses and doctors at Baylor were great - we can't wait to see them next year at the NICU reunion. It was nice having 24-hour day care, and possibly more expensive than regular day care, but I guess we are on our own now. Second best news today was that our internet is now fixed so there should be more frequent updates. Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sophia's New Home

Sophia got moved this afternoon to the "not as bad" NICU. She has to keep her temperature up (her heat lamp comes on if she gets too cold) and they will ween her of the fluids IV the more breastmilk/formula she eats. No ETA on when she can home, but she is getting closer! Sophia says "Thank You" to aunt Caroline for the mittens.

It's Getting Better All The Time

Here are some pictures from earlier today - Sophia looks more photogenic without that oxygen tube! We were just told that she was being moved to another part of the NICU - 1 step closer to being discharged! When we go tonight we will take pictures of her new environment.

Sophia is Here!

Sophia decided she wanted to be born on a Sunday no matter how much I wanted her out!! So, she came into the world after about 13 hrs of labor and 40 minutes of pushing early Sunday morning. We had some complications that caused our midwife to send her to Baylor's NICU. She expelled some of her merconium towards the end of labor, had the cord wrapped around her neck and the big thing was that she lost blood in the womb somehow and thus had severe anemia and a slightly enlarged heart. After a blood transfusion she 'pinked up' and is doing so much better. Her hemoglobin started at 4 and last night was a 9. They are looking for a steady 9, 10 or 11.
We were able to hold her yesterday and to start feeding her. I'm pumping and was able to give her about 17cc's of colostrum yesterday. They want about 10cc's at each feeding before they will take her off the supplement. She's doing so well that they already took one of the tubes out of her.
We're doing good except extremely tired. Since we are at NICU most of the day we are away from our phones and email but it's a nice break since we are sleep deprived and anxious. Thank you for all the calls and emails and we will call you back eventually. Now that our internet is up it's easy for us to send updates even when we are half asleep (smile). And thank you for all the prayers. They were heard and God was with Sophia throughout this whole thing!
Here are some pictures.
Chris and Kelly

Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's in the Water!

At our friend, Erin's, shower.

Claudia @ 6 months, Erin @ 7 months and yours truly at 'get this baby out now!'

Practice with the Nieces and Prince Connor

We went to visit Scott, Brooke, Connor and the Twins a few weeks ago to get practice and more importantly, give S&B a break!

ITS Shower

Alright, I'm starting to feel guilty about getting so much stuff.....but just a little!

Ann & Shannon (& Patrick & Keith) hosted our 'adults only' shower

We had a blast playing 'Who's your Daddy' and making custom onesie's for 'Phia to show off. The Brian's also fulfilled Chris wish of having a cake to immortalize the big day!

SMU DES Shower

We had a great time at the DES shower where the theme seemed to be books and shoes!

Baby Showers A Go Go

Sophia will want for nothing because we have gotten a TON of stuff at our showers. Here are the highlights.